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About Us

This website's mission is to create a unique space to inform many topics about pool.News, Curiosities as well as the Blog itself, are sections where a player can learn and enjoy about. The Billiard Store offers useful quality items priced right. A whole variety of products in which I believe in, truthfully.

We advertise only some products, however, we would like to inform you that any product that you cannot find,we may still be able to get for you. Simply, email us,, your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As a semi-professional pool player, I have enough experience to understand that the products we use to play pool are very important and key elements in our performances.

I understand a good player can probably still play great with a house cue, howeverm, I'm a firm believer, that with a better cue and a quality tip in his stick,he will perform better.

I have been dedicated, for a few years already, to buy and sell a large variety of pool-related items, and without a doubt what's more important in my book: a good cue (solid and consistent), a quality tip (layer tip), and a resistant case to protect the cues when traveling.

I hope you enjoy all the different sections and surprises that this website has for you.

I have in mind organizing ability contests , and also to add in the form of products or/and cash money to the prize purses that will go directly to some regional events and championships in our country, therefore accomplishing a higher goal: Promoting pool BIG TIME!

Shortly, we will announce wich Tour, Association, or Tournaments we would like to sponsor.

Looking forward to the support of all of you to make all my expectations a reality.

My organization and assistants in this new venture called Azeta Billiards, ARE NOT the kind who doesn't put their money where their mouths are, this little I can promise you.



-Marc Vidal Claramunt"